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Sushi Samba 7 (Brunch)

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Sushi Samba 7 $$ [Japanese][Brazilian][Brunch][West Village]
87 7th Avenue South
New York, NY 10014
[website]  [map]
Metro: West 4th St. (F)(V)(B)(D)(A)(C)(E), Christopher St.(1)(9)
Hours: Brunch Sundays 11:30am-3:30pm
Contact: 212-691-7885 /// celebrate@sushisamba.com
Having been to Sushi Samba for dinners only, I was really curious about their brunch. It turned out to be pretty good! From eggs, to french toast, to churros, to sushi, you’ll definitely leave with a full and happy stomach.
Visited: 1:30pm Sun. October 8, 2006
sushi samba
Sushi Samba 7 in the sun. Unlike at night, Sushi Samba was fairly empty that Sunday afternoon, so reservations are probably not necessary. We were seated right away.

Roof seating:
sushi samba
Sun and shade on a quiet deck overlooking the west village and blue skies.

Bottle of water $7
Large Orange Juice $5
sushi samba

The main item on the brunch menu is the Samba Brunch ($15 per person, minimum 2 people), which is what we ordered. The Samba Brunch includes your choice of any 3 dishes from the first course section and any 3 from the second course section.

First courses:

(1) Assorted Pastries & Breakfast Cakes
sushi samba
This little basket alone was enough carbs and sugar to last for the day! 8 pieces which included 2 crumbly cornbreads with crunchy edges, a crispy sugar glazed pastry shell filled with tangy passion fruit jam and sweet cheese, 2 small chewy sour dough rolls (which tasted like beer!) topped with salt and pepper, 2 mini moist cinnamon walnut muffins, and a large moist cinnamon coffee cake sprinkled with tiny bits of walnuts. Served with a small scoop of soft salted butter, sweet butter, and strawberry jam.

(2) Warm Brazilian Churros
peruvian chocolate & spiced caramel dipping sauces
sushi samba
I missed Spain dearly, and was excited to have some churros with chocolate! 3 or 4 crispy crunchy cinnamon sugar covered churros with a starchy pudding-like bitter dark chocolate dip and a sweet and spicy creamy dip that tasted like caramelly sweet condensed milk spiced up with hot red peppers.

(3) El Topo Tamago Roll
salmon, egg, fresh melted mozzarella & jalapeño
sushi samba
Sushi Samba serves an almost identical roll (5 piece) at dinner for $13.50, so I was very surprised when we were served this large plate! Rectangular cubes of rice topped with soft smokey salmon, melty mozarella, and crunchy fried onion bits as well as a layer of chopped raw onions, jalapeño peppers, and shiso leaf. Drizzled with a spicy creamy mayo sauce and thick sweet soy sauce.

Second courses:

(1) Doce de Leite French Toast
seasonal fruit & powdered sugar
sushi samba
Spongy and wet egg battered toast topped with a fresh raspberry and served with sweet maple syrup. The inside was very wet, almost jelly-like in texture, but overall the french toast tasted like the smell of a bakery, with lots of butter and sugar/syrup flavors.

(2) Eggs Benedict
aji panca hollandaise & smoked salmon
sushi samba
Thick and chewy dryish bread, toasted with crispy edges, topped with a thin slice of smoked salmon and a very juicy soft runny poached egg. The bright orange hollandaise looked interesting and maybe spicy, but turned out to be a pretty average salty and sour sauce.

(3) Eggs Any Style
grilled chorizo & brioche toast (minus the chorizo)
sushi samba
Fluffy juicy scrambled eggs and 2 pieces of that thick chewy dryish bread.

Another shot of the roof deck seating area.
sushi samba
Brightly colored and very sunny. There is also a bar on the roof with round cushioned stools.

Overall, I was stuffed! The Samba Brunch was a great value, especially considering their prices come dinnertime. On the menu it says that the brunch comes with a cocktail, but we didn’t get one. Oh well! I was happy with the brunch anyway! The brunch menu items are also available a la carte for $9 each.

1 Btl Still 7.00
2 Samba Brunch 30.00
2 S-churros 0.00
2 S-pastry 0.00
2 S-el topo 0.00
2 M-egg ben 0.00
1 M-egg any way 0.00
1 M-fr toast 0.00
1 Lg Orange juice 5.00

total+tax= $45.52 (big brunch for 2)

3 Responses to “Sushi Samba 7 (Brunch)”

  1. Rich says:

    Fucking EXPENSIVE

  2. asami says:

    I love this restauent.

  3. Renato says:

    My name is Renato.I’m a sushiman . I’m brazilian and working in Portugal.
    Vou falar em português, porque acho que o sushiman deve ser brasileiro.
    Gostei muito dessas variações de sushi que vi. Gostaria de trocar recitas e idéas com vcs e quem sabe, algum dia eu até possa visita-los para trocar experiências…
    Espero que entrem em contato por email e depois podemos falar pelo msn…
    Até logo e bom trabalho!!!!!!!