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Congee Village

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Congee Village $$ [Chinese][Lower East Side]
100 Allen St. (Delancey St.)
New York, NY 10002
[website]  [map]
Metro: Delancey St (F); Essex St (J)(M)(Z)
Hours: 10:30am-2am daily
Contact: 212-941-1818 /// info@congeevillage.com
Congee Village serves some of the best chinese(cantonese) food I’ve had here and at good prices.

Visited: 11:30pm Sat. September 16, 2006
congee village
It’s easy to spot this place with its bright neon lights, and there’s usually a crowd of people waiting to be seated on weekend nights. We went pretty late that day so we were lucky to be seated immediately.

Main room:
congee village
The first room, where I’ve been seated every time I’ve been here, is decorated with a forest theme with leafy branches covering the ceilings. Congee Village is actually pretty large, and when you go past this room, you’ll find yourself in a more traditionally decorated asian restaurant with lots of reds, golds, and brick walls.

Salted peanuts.
congee village
A small complimentary bowl of addicting salted and oily fried peanuts to keep my hungry mouth busy as I read the menu.

Cashew Nuts and Shredded Squid with Salted Pepper $8.95
congee village
Salt and pepper squid is one of my favorite chinese dishes so I had to order this. Crunchy oily and crisp battered fried squid strips, spicy peppers, onions and cashews which made a really good mix. If you’re not afraid of oil, the salty thin crisp and chewy squid is really good, especially when alternating bites with the soft and sweet cashews. The last time I came here with 5 other friends, the squid disappeared really fast and we spent the rest of the dinner digging through the onions and peppers with our chopsticks, hoping to find one last piece of squid!

Baby Shrimp Fried Rice $5.95
congee village
Standard egg fried rice with shrimp. Loose rice, lots of peas, and not too oily.

Dried Scallop Porridge $3.50
congee village
As I had already eaten a bit and it was getting late, I opted for some simple rice porridge (or “congee”). The rice was just the way I like it, soft and thick and sticky, and lightly salted with golden shreds of dried preserved scallops. I prefer rice porridge over chicken soup when I’m sick, and this was just the kind that would warm a stomach. As the restaurant’s name is Congee Village, this place has a pretty long list of rice porridges on the menu with different meats, seafood, and veggies to mix in.

Bitter bean?
congee village
There were also a ton of this soft bitter yellow bean(?) that I really dislike and picked out of the rice. It gives me a weird taste in my mouth that I really don’t like, but some people love them!

Congee Village is a good place to get simple, comforting chinese food that isn’t too greasy or drenched in soy sauce. There are lots of seafood and rice dishes on the menu, the clams with black bean sauce being a popular choice (it’s a basic dish but they make it good). The service (and crowd and noise level) was what you would expect from a typical chinese place, quick and unpersonal which was fine. I’ve also read about the long lines here, but I’ve been lucky enough to avoid them!

total+tax= $19.94 (small dinner for 2)

3 Responses to “Congee Village”

  1. Edward Juan says:

    I went there and the squid stirfry is a must! I also tried the black bean clams, they were a bit expensive but definitely a die for. The service was alright. Its a very authentic chinese restaurant and I recommend you to try new dishes (pictures available!). Don’t go for the typical chinese american dishes like orange chicken and chop suey.

  2. Comer en Barcelona says:

    Hey! What happened? No new comments for a long time… we miss you, this blog was lots of fun

  3. dong says:

    Great to see those tasty Chinese dishes, the yellow bitter beans are actually ginkgo seeds,good for health,especially for women.=)